When I Grow Up

A few weeks ago, I received the following text from a friend. A guy I don't talk to regularly, by any means, but I consider him one of the smartest people I know. "You were smart to quit journalism. But you are a great writer." It simultaneously warmed and broke my heart. I'm not referencing [...]

That’s How I Beat Shaq

Would ya look at that! Another title you most definitely should not take literally. Basketball has never been my thing. I played it growing up—along with just about every other sport—but could never master the mental aspect. Had it been purely hand-eye coordination, I'd have been all about it. But it wasn't. So I stuck [...]

Dog Days Are Over

Please don't let the title of this post alarm you. Charlie and Maggie aren't going anywhere. But in writing about them, my options for a title were either this or the oh-so predictable tune from Baha Men, and I'm just not feeling that today. Real quick while we're on the topic: I don't agree with dog days [...]

You’re Beautiful

  I might be in love with my planner. I dunno. You tell me. Is it love if I can't go a single day without at least glancing inside? And the idea of not knowing its whereabouts sends a chill down my spine? Is it love if I drop whatever I'm doing just to pick up a pen [...]

Bad Day

This part is only half the battle. The part where I very carefully articulate my feelings toward a relatively sensitive subject so as not to offend the powers that be for fear of all my hard work ending up lost somewhere in cyberspace. It's happened before – more than once. Causing meltdowns now acting as [...]

Don’t Hurt Yourself

Buckle up, friends. This Writing Wednesday is fueled by years of frustration over the misuse of one very simple word: MYSELF By definition, myself is used when the speaker is the object of a verb or preposition and the subject of that clause. BUT, that's a lot of grammar jargon, so look at it this way: The [...]

Bills, Bills, Bills

Drew made a "big purchase" yesterday. And I use the quotes because the more we talked about it, the more I realized "big" doesn't mean the same to everyone. For me, any one item over $200 is a big purchase. I spend $40 on jeans, maybe just as much on a sweater, if I really like [...]

You Don’t Own Me

If you thought I'd have a blog referencing the Associated Press and not talk about the rules of writing, you have another thing comin'. WELCOME TO WRITING WEDNESDAYS! A weekly installment in which I discuss common mistakes you may want to avoid. If you don't want to avoid them, just don't check my blog on Wednesdays. But please know [...]

Don’t Panic

I'm an anxious person. I don't do well being away from home for long periods of time, and especially hate when that away is somewhere with a big, loud crowd. (Would it surprise you to learn my New Year's Eve was spent at home playing board games? WITH FRIENDS, of course. I do have friends.) [...]