For You

I did some really bad math and realized approx. 12 people in our 30-person marketing department have April birthdays. Pretty cool month, if you ask me. Here's the thing about birthdays, though: Depending on how well you know a person, you might have to get them a gift. Some people are really, really good at [...]

Step Out

First thing's first: If you ever just wanna feel awesome, sit back and hit play on José González. Ehh, scratch that. First, you definitely need to watch "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty". Then indulge in José. Both are so underrated it's borderline criminal. As for the actual purpose of this Monday eve's installment, I am very much outside [...]

Do You Know What I Mean?

"I literally can't even." - Me, anytime someone else misuses literally. And then I hate myself so much. Here's the thing about literally: It began with one—very literal—definition: in a literal manner or sense; exactly Whatever follows literally is not open for interpretation. It is exactly as you say it is. Appallingly, that definition is now essentially [...]