I’m So Excited

Don't you dare think for one second that I forgot about Writing Wednesday. I most certainly did not. And I can't tell you how pained I was to hit the hay late last night without first sharing insights into the world of words and punctuation. But this week has been kicking. my. butt. To the point [...]

Do You Know What I Mean?

"I literally can't even." - Me, anytime someone else misuses literally. And then I hate myself so much. Here's the thing about literally: It began with one—very literal—definition: in a literal manner or sense; exactly Whatever follows literally is not open for interpretation. It is exactly as you say it is. Appallingly, that definition is now essentially [...]

Don’t Hurt Yourself

Buckle up, friends. This Writing Wednesday is fueled by years of frustration over the misuse of one very simple word: MYSELF By definition, myself is used when the speaker is the object of a verb or preposition and the subject of that clause. BUT, that's a lot of grammar jargon, so look at it this way: The [...]