Hi! I’m Alli Guiney. I used to be Alli Pane, hence the Living AP Style blog, but then we had a wedding and this Guiney guy became my husband, so here we are.

I used to live in the Midwest, now I’m in the Pacific Northwest, and it’s weird they have even the slightest similarity in names because they are nothing alike, let me tell you.

As for this blog, it’s not about any one thing per se. When it kicked off back in 2017, my vibe was a decent mix of word nerd, internet junkie and introspective 20-something. Since then, I’ve turned 30, planned a wedding, switched jobs and moved halfway across the country. There’s gotta be new material in there somewhere, yeah?

That said, I hope you like at least some of it. As you browse, feel free to drop me a line with feedback—or even just a quick hello. Those always make my day.

Here’s to real life!

– Alli