An Open Invitation

Lol @ me for thinking NOVEMBER would be a great time to revive the blog. Not only do the holidays kick in right about then, but also every winter—like clockwork—I fall into a deep spell of accomplishing absolutely nothing.

So, sorry? Though it’s very likely the only thing affected is my mental health amid the mounting anxiety of letting another day go by without a new installment.

Hence this very lightweight update that serves no purpose other than filling the void.

Just kidding, there is a purpose. And that purpose is to invite you—yes, YOU—to visit me and Drew in Seattle.

I realize we have yet to discuss the move in full, but we will. Eventually. When it’s not winter anymore, probably? There’s a lot to unpack (LITERALLY) and we really did learn some things in the process! Things worth sharing, I think? So sit tight.

Until then, let’s discuss the adventures that await you in the beautiful Pacific Northwest! First of all, if you’ve never been to this neck of the woods, I’m not gonna say that’s a huge mistake, but it’s got some weight to it.

Montana, Washington and Oregon are easily in my Top 5 favorite states. (Nothing against Idaho—I’ve never been! But I’m sure it’s wonderful given the sandwich it fills.)

And I love it all because none of it feels real. There are mountains and beaches and lakes and so. much. GREEN.

You could plop down on any pin in this part of the country and have an amazing time, whether it’s a bustling city or completely remote. The landscape and the people (if you so choose) and the weather make any nearby destination worth your trouble.

So what makes Seattle so special?

I mean, I’m offended you felt the need to ask. Aside from having two willing and able hosts (seriously, we have an extra bedroom and bathroom with your name on ’em), the possibilities are endless.

We can drive 20 minutes in one direction for a full-blown hike or 20 minutes in the other and hit the coast. Wanna kayak? Walk 15 minutes and rent one. Wanna ski? Drive 45 minutes to the east. (Coming from Omaha where the rest of the state lives out west, it will never not be weird to have an entire country to our right.) (Bonus: It will take you a long time to hit Iowa!)

Not an outdoors person? I get it. We have shopping. We have breweries. We have an indoor garden made of blown glass. It’s crazy.

We have sports, too. College football, basketball and volleyball. Pro football. Major league baseball. The country’s best soccer team. And a burgeoning NHL franchise! (Mascot is still TBD, but the Kraken is a real candidate and I can’t tell you how excited that makes me.)

The food is also really, very good. Great restaurants on every block! No kidding! Burgers, Italian, Thai, Mexican. Pick a cuisine and we’ll do our darnedest to satisfy.

I’m probably forgetting a bunch of other cool stuff, like game night at our place, maybe a haunted underground tour of the city? But we’ll figure all of that out once you get here.

If you’re still not sure, I get it. Just wanted to throw it out there. Maybe work our way into your 2020 plans? The offer is 100% genuine. Pick a weekend and shoot me a text. We’d really love it.

And if this sounds like we’re desperate with nothing to do but sit around and wait for our friends, mission accomplished.

I’m kidding.

We just want to make the most of our time out here! And share the beauty of Seattle with the people we love. Take advantage, nerds. Promise it’s not an imposition.


Think it over with some of the city’s finest.

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