This Takes a Weird Turn

I really don’t want to write this blog.

Nothing against the topic—honestly, as of this line I’m not even sure what it will be—I just have zero interest in sitting down to piece this together.

But I have to. I NEED to. Not just because I haven’t published a single thing the entire month of June, but also because my only excuse is laziness.

Summer is draining, friends.

As soon as the forecast reads 80+ degrees, every weeknight features a happy hour and every weekend a wedding. All free time is dedicated to driving somewhere to meet someone, or cleaning up after one sweaty thing for another where you should probably look more presentable.

Then, when you finally have just a moment to yourself, you’re so zapped from the heat, you can’t help but melt. Do nothing. Enjoy the cool A/C and quiet of your own home.

Do I sound ungrateful or what?

I’m spending this time with friends and family and coworkers I actually like. I can buy amazing food and drink with the money I’ve earned at a job I love!

I have two very good dogs ecstatic to see me, little ol’ me, every time I walk in a room.

I’m driving my own car (with climate control) to and from all of these happenings.

It’s officially time to get. a. grip.

Usually, when I hit this kind of funk, I’ll listen to melancholy tunes. It may seem counterintuitive, but when the songs are suuuuper sad, I feel less hopeless.

We’re talking “at least my life isn’t that sad” sad.

BUT DON’T WORRY. I don’t actively seek them out. More often than not, I pull up one of my oldest Spotify playlists.

And can we please pause to allot proper kudos for that title? I made it FOR PLANE RIDES. Plane list, playlist. I know you get it.

It’s as dated as it is long, mostly because I went from adding to it all the time to simply saving the good stuff under Songs. But it still hits all the right nerves! I can’t quit.

(Is this turning into a music recs post? How do we feel about it? I tried one in March and it felt like a stretch, so I’m hesitant to do another. Should we keep going? We’ll keep going.)

All that said, I do love upbeat tunes just as much, if not more.

The genre doesn’t really matter. Pop, rock, punk, rap—really anything but country.

Okay, not all country, but most of it. Drew has turned me onto a few artists, and I’ve attended some worthwhile concerts. But I just… I can’t. I’ve tried several times. I’m sorry.

So here I’m going to suggest a band that couldn’t be less country if it tried. A band I never expected to listen to in 2018.

A band I kind of want to see in 2019?

Apologies for the expletive right out of the gate, but these songs are pretty great.

I loved Panic! in high school and, despite limited interest in every other album since, this one has me feeling all sorts of nostalgic.

Their tour hits Omaha in February and I’d be lying if I said I’m not toying with the idea of snaggin’ a ticket. If you want to join, let me know. My mom might come, too. She recently discovered the magic that is Brendon Urie’s voice and I think she’d have an okay time.

Right? Probably.


For more dynamic jams, you should check out most of the new James Bay, 5 Seconds of Summer and EVERYTHING IS LOVE by The Carters.

(They chose the all caps but I’d probably write it like that regardless because it is THE CARTERS.)

If you have tried-and-true tunes of your own—fun, low-key or otherwise—drop them below! I’ll never say no to new beats.


Oh, Kiiara is doing cool things, too.

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  1. Joseph Francis Pane July 2, 2018 — 8:28 am

    You get that country thing from me … but the “It’s Only Rock and Roll” post kind of lays that out!


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