Italy, Stop 5: Lake Como

Here we are, the final stop of our Italian adventure one whole year ago.

I still can’t believe it’s been that long since we flew there and back. (And I’m actually pretty proud of myself for how much I’ve managed to remember in the process of writing these recaps.)

To say I’m sad would be an understatement. It really was the most perfect trip, and even though we returned to U.S. soil a full 362 days ago, knowing I had 5+ articles to crank out saved me from accepting it was over.

And now, with the fifth and final installment, it really will be over. What’s worse is our four-night stay in Bellagio was hands-down the most relaxing stint, so this recap may be the shortest of them all!


If you missed the details re: Cinque Terre, please revisit. Given how that played out, I’m sure you can imagine how thrilled we were to spend the next few days doing absolutely nothing.

But that wasn’t always the plan! Until the day before our hike, we fully intended to head waaay east for a night in Venice before circling back towards Lago di Como.

Then we realized we’d be traveling quite a distance and spending a good chunk of change for one night in a city not many people seemed too thrilled about.

(Really! Before we left the US of A, a handful of people had told us how meh Venice was.)

So we called an audible and emailed our hotel on the lake to get in one night earlier.

Friends. Listen to me.

If you ever visit Lake Como, you should probably most definitely stay in Bellagio—specifically at Borgo Le Terrazze.

This hotel was one of those places I would’ve bet real money was too good to be true. The pictures on seemed super fake and the price had to have been a mistake.

But you know what, in the off chance it was legit, I had to go for it.

And there was one hot second where our GPS swore we were in the right spot but the hotel was nowhere in sight that my actual worst nightmare slowly became a reality.

But we flagged down another driver and they pointed out a very sneaky sign we’d missed on the uphill drive and there. she. was.


The place was literally heaven on earth. The structure itself was only four or five years old, super clean and impeccably decorated—and the staff was AMAZING. They went above and beyond to make our stay the definition of perfection.

As soon as we arrived, we threw on our suits to hit the pool and soak up this view.


After taking the train to Milan, waiting hours for a rental car and navigating the narrow roads along the lake’s coast, it should come as no surprise that we were all in on lying low that first night.

Lucky for us, their room service was baller (we may or may not have taken advantage once or twice a day), and waking up the next morning with zero plans is what I imagine heaven to feel like.

We spent a few hours poolside, napped in the afternoon, and ultimately decided to hit up Bellagio for adult drinks before dinner.

It’s seriously the cutest, you guys and gals.


Once we’d discovered everything that area had to offer, we agreed to check two nearby towns the next day. There were constant ferries running between the three and we had nothing else to do, so why not?

Turns out, everywhere else was kind of lame.

When I sat down to book the four things Drew didn’t want to wing, our Lake Como accommodations stressed me out the most.

I had no idea which town to stay in! The internet was zero help and I knew at least one person who’d stayed in each, so of course they all sounded awesome.

Now I can sit here and confidently tell you, dear reader, that Bellagio is The One.

Tremezzo and Varenna were BEAUTIFUL, don’t get me wrong. But there was nothing to do.

We spent a couple of hours perusing Tremezzo, grabbed some semblance of lunch and hopped back on the ferry with zero intention of hopping off at Varenna—we just wanted to get back to Big B, our home sweet home.


I mean, look at it!

The hotel made venturing in and out of town super easy with a very punctual shuttle every morning, noon and night, so we dipped down a couple more times for snacks and shopping before the whole thing came to an end.

But come to an end it did. And I can’t handle it.

I can’t handle saying we had a final night in Italy, but we did our best to make it count.

We grabbed an extra special dinner down by the water, triple-checked our favorite shops for a few more souvenirs, and that was it. Back to Borgo for our last night’s sleep in Italia.



It was the perfect finale, not gonna lie.

I’d always said I would end my sabbatical with actual relaxation, and we did.

I’m proud of us.

And I’m proud of you! For sticking with me this long! I hope it was worth it.

Don’t tell me if it wasn’t. Just know I’m sorry for wasting your time.

That said, I’ll likely post an installment with real final thoughts. Until then, let’s sit back and enjoy the view—fully aware of the fact that this pic doesn’t do it justice.



Now, why would I link this tune with this blog?

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