I Got Glasses

This one’s going to be a shorty, but I’m too excited an internet thing ACTUALLY WORKED to not blog about it.

My job involves staring at screens pretty much all day. If I’m not writing something, I’m editing it. And 90 percent of my meetings have at least one remote attendee joining via computer.

When I’m not at work, I’m either riding in the Hudl van (you’ll hear about this eventually) or being a bum at home. Both of those involve catching up on current events and life updates—on my phone.

That said, I’m very lucky to have never needed glasses. In fact, everyone in my family has/had pretty good eyesight. We’re just #blessed, I guess.

So when my baby brother began sporting new specs late last year, I had questions.

Like, who do you think you are? Scale of 1-10, how cool do you feel? How’s it going, Four Eyes?

You know—very thoughtful, very caring inquiries.

But really, my first question was why? Why did he get them in the first place? I didn’t think he’d been having trouble seeing, but he never tells me anything so what did I know.

SURPRISE! I still knew everything.

His eyesight wasn’t the issue at all. Migraines were the culprit, and the glasses weren’t prescription—they blocked blue light.


Blue light is that crappy beam that comes from our phones, computers, tablets and TVs. It is STRONG and can seriously affect eyes, brains, hormones—all kinds of relatively important things.

But I didn’t know any of that until later.

So when Teddy told me the glasses had practically cured his migraines, I was jealous! The glasses looked really good, but my migraines were few and far between. The glasses didn’t seem like a thing I needed, even though I’d always wanted a pair.

GO AHEAD AND JUDGE. But I was a total nerd growing up and never looked the part. NOW WAS MY TIME TO SHINE.

So I considered my time spent staring at screens (excessive) and how my eyes felt at the end of a long day (tired) and the quality of sleep I was getting (lol).

Worth a shot, right?

Enter Felix Gray.

I’ve had my Roeblings for just under two months, and as much as I wanted to write about them weeks ago, I wasn’t sure how real the benefits were.

I am a VERY skeptical person. More often than not, I’ll buy something on the internet knowing it’s going to fail and still manage to get angry when it disappoints.

That’s why, when my eyes felt better and I managed to regain focus during the workday, I assumed it was all in my head.

Placebo effect and so on.

Until last Friday, when I forgot to wear my glasses.

I woke up Saturday with a RAGING headache. And I knew it wasn’t a hangover because I am incredibly lame and was in bed by 9:30. It also couldn’t have been dehydration because I’ve been amazing about drinking water (and I’m obviously very proud of this fact).

Then I realized my mistake and it became the greatest headache of my life—because the glasses were actually MAKING A DIFFERENCE.

I mentioned this to a coworker on Monday (one of several with a pair of their own), and she’s experienced the same thing. And again, I was thrilled! Because again, this wasn’t in my head!

It’s the real deal, friends. I can’t recommend these puppies highly enough.

(The user experience is pretty amazing, as well. Which makes me appreciate that team 100x more.)

So whether you suffer from migraines or tired eyes or a serious lack of melatonin, maybe give Felix Gray a shout.

If you decide it’s all a bunch of baloney, you have 30 days to send ’em back.

But I hope you don’t have to.


Blast this and feel like a made-over Anne Hathaway.

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