Want New Tunes?

Of course you do! Who wouldn’t?

I don’t know what it is about spring and the transition to milder temps, but I always get the itch to curate new playlists riiight around mid-March/early April.

Maybe it’s because the only acceptable “winter” music is Christmas carols? And those don’t change much, year to year. Come Black Friday (no sooner), everyone has tried-and-true faves to blast. You might add a new album as soon as it’s released, like Pentatonix or Brett Eldredge—but beyond that, there isn’t much room for fresh.

And because spring can’t decide when to finally show, I figured we could give it a little nudge with some solid tunes. Will it work? Absolutely not. This is Nebraska, after all. But it’s the thought that counts.

Let’s start with the album that got me thinking about this year’s soundtrack in the first place: Vance Joy’s Nation of Two.

I love Vance. As someone very easily bored by overplayed songs, I put a lot of stock in the fact that “Mess Is Mine” and “Georgia” have yet to get old.

Nation of Two is my favorite kind of chill. The lyrics don’t require a ton of thought but still manage to pack a punch, so you can mindlessly listen without missing the point.

It also ebbs and flows from strictly guitar to a healthy mix of strings, piano and percussion, providing the perfect backdrop for a variety of moods.

Early favorites from this one include “I’m with You” and “Lay It on Me.”

Long story short—this album will get plenty of play over the next few months.

By the way! Now seems like a great time to mention I am clearly not a music critic. These are just my thoughts on the songs I enjoy. You’re free to judge my elementary explanations, but remember who runs the blog.

It’s me. I run the blog.

And with that fresh injection of sass, let’s talk girl power in the form of strong female vocals.

My favorite thing about Spotify is that handy little + you can tap to save a song in passing. Doesn’t matter what playlist you’re pulling from, if you hear a song worth playing again, find that plus sign and it’s yours forever.

At first, I only used this feature to curate Discover Weekly faves, then I became more obsessed with the soundtracks Spotify put together for every feeling known to man. Now my Songs list is a total hodgepodge of melodic greatness.

It’s great because I never have to worry about forgetting something I like. But it’s also terrible because there’s zero organization, making it impossible to find the right sound for a given mood.

Lately, that mood has called for PUMPED UP FEMALES. So I spent a quick 10 minutes saving those songs from my Songs. (If you have Spotify, you get it.)

It’s a shorty playlist I fully intend to expand over the next few months, but it does the job for now. If you’re impatient like me and want the highlights up front, try “Man on the Moon,” “False Alarm” and “Together.”

But please don’t ignore the others! Each one has a special place in my heart—just listing those three was quite a challenge. The whole thing comes in handy anytime I need a kick in the pants, be it before work or on my way to get drinks.

Is this interesting? Does anyone care? Let me know. I’m always down to create and share playlists tailored to certain dispositions. Takes me back to the days of mix CDs.

Maybe that should be the next theme…

Regardless, I expect some solid suggestions in return for what’s above, whether you liked it or not. If you didn’t, educate me on what’s better.


For something a little different, try BØRNS.

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