Opportunity over Change

Here’s the thing about big life decisions: They’re horrifying.

I don’t care what it is or when it happens or how prepared you think you are, that stuff is scary.

Sure, it can be scary exciting, but any deviation from the norm is bound to get your adrenaline pumping, preparing your body for the unexpected.

Does that mean you shouldn’t make big life decisions? Avoid them at all costs? Play it safe forever and ever, amen? Definitely not! But if you’re like me and totally averse to anything outside of your comfort zone, taking baby steps into the unknown can really soften the blow.

If you think I’m alluding to a specific life change, you must know something I don’t, because for the first time in a while, I cannot pinpoint the source of these brainwaves.

Instead, I’m realizing life is happening—it’s going on right now—and my constant worrying about what’s next makes it super not fun. So I’m trying really hard to stress less and go with the flow.

And when I say “go with the flow” I mean “over-analyze every possible situation to the point where nothing is a surprise and I see every outcome from a mile away so it’s like I’m going with the flow when in reality that specific scenario has already played out in my head but with a worse ending, so the real thing totally rules in comparison.”


But really, I’m at a stage in life where anything could happen—a new job, an engagement, a big move, new friendships, new hobbies and passions, emergency expenses, plain old emergencies. ANYTHING.

And the more I read that list, the more I realize it could apply to any stage of life, which makes it even more terrifying.

Except a lot of those are 100 percent within my control, and that’s where my inner monologue begins its daily death spiral.

Because not only are they within my control, but their existence relies entirely on me making a move. And if I don’t—if I stay in my comfort zone and fail to actively seek change—nothing will ever happen.

That’s the scariest scenario of them all.

So I’m pushing myself to seek change. Not aggressively, by any means, but enough to learn and grow and better my chances at a long, successful, happy life.

Those “baby steps” I mentioned before? They could be anything from meeting new people and working out more, to updating my resume and putting a little more cash in savings.

You never know when your current friends might move away! Or a random game show could call with the chance to win a million dollars. but you’re required to do crazy things like climb a mountain and run an inflatable obstacle course in x amount of time.


Which is why I’m challenging myself to do a little thing every week in anticipation of any and all opportunities—with or without mountains.

Because while change may be scary, opportunities are usually pretty exciting.

And I never want “no” to be my only option, even if I do exercise it every now and then.

So, if you have your own opportunities worth prepping for, let me know. We can anticipate life together.

And maybe also freak out from time to time? Think about it. Could be fun.


Bowie may or may not have inspired this one.

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