A Quick Guide to Today’s News

Hello, I just need to spew for the sake of my brain not catching fire.

When a lot of things happen at once, keeping up with current events can be relatively tricky.

Especially when everyone has an opinion on one specific thing and the other headlines get no love when they’re actually just as important.

Like, something very important that I cannot believe news stations aren’t putting at the top of every show is the devastation in Puerto Rico.

Which, FYI, is part of the United States of America.

The entire island has been leveled by Hurricane Maria. It’s going to take 10+ years to rebuild. There is no electricity, no water. And do you know how many people live there?


3.4 million people without food, water and shelter. Do you know when Congress is going to chat about sending help? The first or second week of October.

Again, these are Americans stuck on an island with literally nothing. So I’m just going to re-drop this link for the First Lady of Puerto Rico’s fundraising site in case anyone feels compelled to do a thing.

The most frustrating part is that those relief efforts aren’t even close to the main story right now. Because the President just keeps tweeting, so of course we’re going to talk about that instead.

Lol yeah right. Not here, not now, not ever.

Instead, I want to talk about the focus of said tweets: kneeling during the national anthem. Because it is something we should talk about — in a more constructive way.

Anyone who’s read my blog knows I appreciate and respect journalists and the work they do to inform the general public. It is HARD and thankless and getting a really bad rap these days. But they’ve done a lot to dilute the message here.

One very important thing that should be stated over and over and over anytime kneeling is discussed should be the why. Why did Colin Kaepernick kneel in the first place?

Because Charlottesville was not an anomaly.

And if we all turn on our thinking caps and do a little math, we’ll realize he did it before Trump was ever even elected.

So, contrary to the focus of every other article making the rounds, this isn’t about sticking it to POTUS or hopping on some “everyone is racist” bandwagon. It’s about calling attention to the fact that people of color are still treated like dirt. Emphasis on the “still”!

Making it about the flag or our military or Joe Schmo’s rights as a fan (eye roll of the century) is missing the point entirely.

Also, when did kneeling become disrespectful? I’ve always seen it as a sign of reverence. And with the exception of teams who missed the anthem altogether, players are still participating. (Unless they’re named LeSean McCoy in which case that was dumb.)

So how does the kneel offend? Because it makes people uncomfortable?


What makes me uncomfortable is fans booing those players during the anthem.

And again, those reactions get more airtime than the reason this is all happening.

If you’re confused or upset by the kneeling, just ask yourself: Does racial inequality exist? Even a little bit? Looking beyond blatant mistreatment — what about profiling?

It’s a quick and easy yes-or-no question that I think we can all agree has one right answer.

That’s why they kneel.

I’d love to suggest we all turn off the internet for a hot second, ignore the worthless takes and do a hard reset on what matters, but that comes at the risk of being uninformed — and that’s almost worse.

So let’s shift gears to something a little less subjective, like healthcare!

I understand the Affordable Care Act has ruffled some feathers and cost a lot of money and could definitely undergo a makeover.

But that is no reason to strip healthcare from millions. To make the sick uninsurable. To insure the healthy only if they promise not to get sick.

Every. major. health organization. has condemned the proposed changes to ACA. Like, these are the people specializing in making sure we all LIVE. And they’re not on board? That’s not a political statement. It’s a human plea.

So keep a close eye on anything related to the newest version of Graham-Cassidy. It’s not being shoved through for the sake of helping Americans. It’s just a show of power.

The children of tomorrow and the hospital bills that follow thank you in advance.

Now I’m going to link my newest fave video that never fails to make me smile. Hopefully it does the same for you.


Jam to: Bill Withers

One thought on “A Quick Guide to Today’s News

  1. Very good regarding all the issues. One reason Trump is attacking the NFL is that they wouldn’t approve him as an owner years ago. In a nutshell the owners didn’t want to associate with him. That’s why he started(and by the way single handedly killed) the USFL!


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