Let’s Talk about Ruts

I’m in a big fat rut, friends.

It really hit me when I stayed home sick a few days ago. Normally when I have a bug, I’m very antsy, itching to get up and get back to my regular routine.

This time, not so much. And I realized it was because my regular routine didn’t exist.

The last month has been very, very, VERY bleh.

I haven’t blogged. Barely worked out while still managing to eat all the things. Been a lazy (read: bad) dog mom. And cleaned only when I had no other choice.

You can judge. In fact, I insist you do. I deserve it. I’m even judging myself. It’s beyond embarrassing.


First thing’s first: I’m comin’ clean. Right here. Or rather, there — above. I’ve owned up to my shortcomings and acknowledged there’s serious room for improvement.

Next, I’m doing everything the complete opposite of what it’s been. I’m wearing real gym clothes (not just yoga pants intended to make me feel better) and anxiously awaiting Drew’s call to meet him at the gym.

I’m going to spend every night this week cleaning some part of the house, whether it’s vacuuming the living room, wiping down the bathroom, even sweeping the front porch!

I’m also going to buy real groceries and make actual meals. WATCH OUT.

You can also count on at least two more blogs this week — whether you want ’em or not, suckas. I need to get back to setting real goals and hold myself accountable. Playing fast and loose with this passion project has done little for my resolve.

And I realize all these next steps sound cool, but the actions don’t mean squat if I don’t pay even the tiniest attention to my attitude in the process.

However physical my laziness may seem, it’s all a product of what’s going on in my brain. Feeling sad, hopeless, defeated, what have you — it’s been easy to come by the last few months.

Whether you’re fretting over natural disasters, political dealings or a deadly combination of both, it’s going to take a toll. Combine that with the daily brainpower required to do your job and just be a human, and my zombie-like evenings make plenty of sense.

But that’s why working out and cleaning and other mindlessly productive tasks are SO IMPORTANT. They’re the escape.

So here I am, reminding myself to escape. Every day. Not just for my own benefit, but for the good of everyone around me.

If you’re in a rut of your own, or just interested in a change of pace, let me know. We can push each other to do great things. Likely by kindly texting one another to get stop being a piece of junk.



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