Admit Racism Exists

I’ve always subscribed to the party of Mind Your Own Business.

Being nice and agreeable with everyone because heated words and aggression never solve anything.


Being nice and agreeable all but ruined my Saturday morning. And I apologize for anyone who saw my whiny baby Facebook status, but I’d internalized so many feelings about what’s happening in the world, that I all but exploded with emotion.

Mostly dread, anxiety and helplessness.

But it only took a few minutes for me to realize none of that is worth two shits.

This isn’t about my feelings or how I’m affected.

It’s about the people being oppressed, their oppressors and the deafening silence that’s followed.

There’s no gray area this time. What happened in Charlottesville was WRONG. People who can’t understand how WRONG it was are also WRONG.

Our President included.

(Please note: I’m well aware of what he said today and it took entirely too long.)

If this offends you or you’re angered by MY anger, I will not apologize.

And if you think I’m being overly sensitive or “leftist”, you can screw right off. This has literally nothing to do with political affiliations.

Not that it makes any difference, but I’ve been an independent for years because LOOK AT THIS MESS. Politics have nothing to do with public service and everything to do with pissing off the other party.

Hate breeds hate. So why is anyone surprised by what happened this weekend?

If you were surprised, you haven’t been paying an ounce of attention since Trump became an actual nominee in 2015.

I refuse to leave him out of this because people still refuse to acknowledge the connection.

Electing him President of the United States normalized the behavior in Charlottesville.

Normalized racism.

Normalized sexism.

Normalized nationalism.

Normalized antisemitism.

Normalized homophobia.


I’m sorry if you elected him to bring jobs back to the U.S.

I’m sorry if you elected him because you couldn’t trust Hillary. (lollllllll)

And I’m extra sorry if you elected him to “fix” healthcare.

But we all knew exactly what he thought of people the entire time.

People. With rights.

And the thing about rights is they’re just supposed to be there. Not something too difficult to obtain. But everyone being treated like shit right now is working their asses off to keep those “rights”.

So here’s THE deal. The only deal.

If you’re a fan of being treated like a human being, it’s high time you get on board with everyone else being treated the same. NOTHING makes ANYONE a better person than anyone else.

Did you watch the video of Friday night? Not even Saturday, but FRIDAY.

“You will not replace us.” ?!

Bros. Not one person wants to replace YOU. You are the WORST thing about this country. Consider yourselves safe.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but a comedian I follow on Facebook put it pretty perfectly:

“If you think being white’s an accomplishment, you should probably try accomplishing something.”

If you have friends who are black, Jewish, gay, immigrants, WOMEN, and you think any part of what happened in Charlottesville is acceptable, call them up and tell them. Directly. So they know exactly where you stand on this kind of bullshit.

Because they’re more affected by it than you’d ever care to realize.

And while you’re at it, call a World War II vet and let ’em know you’re super cool with the DOMESTIC resurgence of those assholes they fought overseas.

The thought alone has to make your stomach turn, right?

If I seem worked up it’s because I am. 100 percent. I’ve been keeping quiet about this chaos for nine months, surrounded by people I care about who don’t care AT ALL that literal Nazis have a seat at the table.

Not anymore.

And while we’re on the topic, know that comparing the Charlottesville organizers to the people behind BLM is so f’ing gross I can’t even begin to articulate the wrong.

Black Lives Matter is about protecting people.

The KKK is about destroying them.

Before you keep reading, check the entire thread connected to that tweet.

If any of those issues ring a bell, either because you or someone you know has fought a similar fight, there’s a clear side to choose here.


I take that back.

Because contrary to what our nation’s “leader” believes, there are not “many sides” to this.

There is one.

One side.

A side we ALL belong on, assuming the buttholes can get their shit together and realize there’s room for EVERYONE IN THIS WORLD.

If you agree with me, great. Thank you. Keep spreading positivity and confront the jerks who still can’t figure out this kind of shit is WRONG.

If you disagree, I want to know why. Why is HATE okay? What in your mind makes the rights of other people such a threat?

And please know I’m PMS-ing as we speak, so tread very lightly.

You can also subscribe to the party of Mind Your Own Business if it bothers you so much. The rest of us will do just fine without you.


Jam to: Ray

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