Drew and I are 2.5 weeks into the Whole30 program and I have a lot of thoughts.

If you’re not familiar with the Whole30, it’s a diet free of all sugar, grains, dairy and legumes. Basically all of the things I love. No big deal.

Oh, and alcohol.

The premise is that each one could be doing weird things to your body. Maybe you’re in a constant state of exhaustion or you have weird achy joints or your stomach never seems to flatten, no matter how many crunches you do.

You take aspirin and try to get more sleep and cut out soda for a few weeks thinking it has to be an external factor—but it’s all going down in yo’ belly.

The best way to figure out what affects you is to give up everything at once, allow your body to “detox” and adjust to clean eating, then gradually re-introduce those foods to your system and keep tabs on what doesn’t work.

I’ll admit I was less than the thrilled with the idea of cutting carbs from my diet (my last name translates to ‘bread’), but I was already aware of the impact they have on my body.

In the weeks leading up to a Vegas trip last spring, I cut all bread, beer and fried foods from my diet. And it was actual magic.

So when I heard about Whole30 and realized it wasn’t too different from what I’d done just one year ago, I figured why not!

So young. So naive.

It only took one day for me to realize just how much I depended on sugar. The withdrawals were so real you can rest assured I will never touch hard drugs ever in my life.

These were actual staples of my diet. I regret nothing.

But sugar hasn’t even been the hardest thing to give up! That award goes to dairy.

CHEESE is dairy. Do you know how crappy a cheese-less salad is?

I mean, salads are crappy to begin with. But multiply the normal “bleh” factor by about 20 and that’s what life is like without dairy.

“Cool, Alli. You chose to do this, so maybe stop complaining?”

Fine. But only for now. And only to go over what we can eat.

We can basically have every kind of meat and fish, vegetables galore, plenty of fruit (if only for the sugars) and so. many. eggs.

That’s a lot of salads. But the best thing about Whole30 being a total fad is the endless supply of non-salad recipes being swapped *all over the internet.

Except here’s my thing: I’m not big on cooking. And you have to cook to enjoy/survive/not kill anyone while on Whole30.

It’s not that I don’t like to cook. I do! But more often than not, it takes a while. And by a while, I mean anything 40 minutes or longer.

My drive home is an hour every day, so by the time I settle in it’s already after 6. If I want to work out, that’s easily 7:15/7:30. And when you hope and pray for a 10 o’clock bedtime every night (literally never happens), those remaining 2.5 hours are precious.

This is where I thank God for Drew. That man is a wiz in the kitchen, and rarely with the help of recipes. So when it came time to make Whole30 meals, cooking became even easier.

Because all he has to work with are meats, veggies and spices! Dinner’s ready in 25 minutes, tops.

That’s not to say I haven’t spent my time at the stove. I do have a few recipes we’ll definitely try again. Plus a few dozen more still pinned, waiting for me to suck it up and buy the necessary groceries.

Again, I’ve never claimed to be a good adult.

Now having said all of that, what’s the verdict?

Well for starters I need my coworkers to STOP BRINGING COOKIES TO THE OFFICE. It’s a very sweet gesture but you’re ruining my life.

Secondly, it has 100 percent changed the way I think about food. Even once the 30 days are up, I plan to look at nutrition facts much more closely. Not in a calorie-counting way, but in a “how many fake things are in this and what will they do to my body” way.

Super pleasant, right?

But it’s true! Being rid of the carbs and the sugars and everything empty, I feel lighter and more energetic than before.

Will I continue depriving myself of the things I truly enjoy? Absolutely not. (They say you should have gelato every day you’re in Italy and who am I to argue with local customs?) But I do have a new appreciation for consuming things in moderation.

So yes, we still have a week and a half to go. But I already know our first time won’t be my last.


Title Credit: Maroon 5


*Like my friend Cait’s entire blog. She and her husband were our Whole30 inspiration. She’s also my life inspiration. Just read the things and you’ll get it.

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