I’m So Excited

Don’t you dare think for one second that I forgot about Writing Wednesday.

I most certainly did not.

And I can’t tell you how pained I was to hit the hay late last night without first sharing insights into the world of words and punctuation.

But this week has been kicking. my. butt.

To the point where I debated skipping WW altogether. CAN YOU IMAGINE? I’m sorry, but an 8:30 p.m. bedtime sounded so good.

The only force stronger than that desire to sleep was the paralyzing anxiety accompanying the idea that I not follow through.

Of course I’d hate to disappoint the three people who read these bad boys, but I promise you nobody would be more upset about a neglected blog — Writing Wednesday or otherwise — than me.

So here we are! Doing a little ditty all too relevant to my current situation.

Anxious and excited are not the same thing.

Anytime someone comes to me clearly giddy with excitement and says, “I’m so anxious!” my only response is “Why! What’s wrong?”

How weird would it be if you were clearly excited and someone asked “What’s wrong?”

Pretty weird.

That’s because anxious is not a synonym for excited.

Think about it! The root of anxious is anxiety. Remind me — which part of anxiety is exciting?

Excited, by definition, means “very enthusiastic and eager” with synonyms like thrilled, exhilarated, animated and enlivened.

In contrast, anxious means “experiencing worry, unease or nervousness, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.”

I blame the back half of that definition for every ounce of confusion.

People often become excited about a possible surprise, right? If they know some sort of surprise is coming, it’s an “imminent event” AND if they don’t know exactly what the surprise is, the outcome is uncertain.

But come onnnnn, you guys. We can’t just be throwing words around will-nilly! Use them with purpose.

You’d be surprised how many people* notice and appreciate when it’s done well.

Oh, oh, ooooooh but how is this anxious vs. excited debacle so relevant, you might ask?

Because we have yet to book a single thing for our trip to Europe.

So, while I’m very excited about the trip itself, I’m also very anxious about rising airfare, dwindling lodging options and every other logistical nightmare that comes with traveling overseas.

But don’t worry! I promise to provide all kinds of awesome tips for planning your own international adventure as soon as I have enough details to fake the wisdom. All about that #bloggerlife.

I’m sorry.

I realize this post is extra snarky, and apologize if anyone was upset in the process, but I had a lot of feelings to get out and appreciate your support.

With that, I leave you with the lyrics I came this close to typing out in full to you. Yes, you! Stay great.


Title Credit: The Pointer Sisters


*Speaking of people who notice and appreciate proper grammar — shoutout to my super smart coworker who suggested this as a Writing Wednesday topic TODAY, not realizing this was the plan all along. Mindreader.

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