What’s Going On?

We’re nearly three full weeks into Lent and I don’t miss Twitter or Facebook at all.

I mean that with every ounce of my being.

Sure, more often than not, I have to stop someone mid-sentence to ask what the heck they’re talking about, but even then I can’t help but agree with the age-old adage that ignorance is bliss.

Let’s talk the pros and cons of living a life free of tweets and timelines.

– Pro –
I have no idea how many months old my high school lab partner’s child is.

– Con –
As great as I am at remembering actual birthdays, I’ve lived in constant fear of forgetting every important date since Ash Wednesday. Clearly my reliance on Zuckerbook ran deeper than I realized. Damn him.

– Pro –
My brain has the time and energy to remember much more important things, like what I need from the grocery store or the fact that last week’s Dateline was about Anthony Garcia so of course I had to set the DVR.

– Con –
I went 17 hours without knowing the Raiders’ move to Vegas was officially official. And for this, I blame my cousins.

– Pro –
The Raiders suck anyway.

– Con –
I have no idea who engages with the blogs I share. Sure, I can see how many views a given article gets, but Facebook comments and replies on Twitter go totally ignored. I hate how rude that makes me feel.

– Pro –
My lack of likes and comments can’t be seen as a personal attack, because I’m totally disengaged from everyone. You’re probably laughing, but this is a very real thing.

– Con –

This desktop notification.

– Pro –
I’ve expanded my horizons! The downtime I’d normally spend checking Twitter and Facebook is now spent listening to true crime podcasts, getting world updates from real news outlets, and planning future blog posts because I wasn’t kidding when I said I’m addicted.

– Con –
I miss my internet friends. And by “internet friends”, I mean the people I’ve never met in real life that still managed to make me smile with a witty reply or retweet and as I type this I realize how pathetic I sound so don’t worry about calling me out thanks.

– Pro –
I have a running total of (super awesome) guys and gals who are down to communicate with real words instead of weird animated emoji that still don’t capture the full range of human emotion, Mark.

– Con –
March Madness was significantly less exciting without a flood of updates and memes following every. single. possession.

– Pro –
Filling out a bracket free of the internet’s influence is actually kind of fun!

– Con –
I still get the itch to peek at how “popular” my stuff is. It’s a gross feeling, but I can’t say I’m surprised. As much as I’d love to shake that urge, the act of checking my notifications had become as subconscious as checking the time. Now whenever I catch myself thinking about it, I apply a swift palm to the forehead and go on living a real life.

– Pro –
I’ve realized I don’t need Twitter or Facebook to be happy. If anything, I’m happier without the noise. The political rants and the baby pictures (says the woman with no children of her own who knows her tune will change as soon as she becomes a mom) and the endless search for the approval of others. I really think it’s taking a toll on our mental health. And you can call me crazy or self-righteous—maybe even jaded. But I’ve always believed it’s better to be safe than sorry. Just keep an eye on one another.

So yeah, this Lent has totally ruled. I feel relaxed. I feel informed. I feel present.

The things I care about are real things, not crazy garbage shared by someone else. And I have meaningful conversations with the people I love—not to mention a much better read on the few not worth my time.

All in all, I’m pretty happy with my decision. It could last a little longer than 40 days.


Title Credit: Marvin Gaye

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