To understand this topic, you have to know how I “plan” my posts.

I try to have my topics laid out at least three weeks in advance. So I crack open my Erin Condren to take a look at what’s planned for those days—concerts, road trips, an online order due for delivery. You get it.

It takes a lot of brain power, but (for the most part) makes sitting down to write a lot easier. Because I don’t have to think of a topic on the spot—it’s already been decided! From there it’s just a matter of finding the words.

I say for the most part because there have been a few days where I get home from work and just don’t feel like writing, period. But I never skip a topic! I just bump it to a different date. Usually a day later that same week.

And here I say usually because there’s one I had planned for March 9 that got a major boot to April 4. I guess I was more excited about the topic in that planning stage? And by now, the rest of the month is decided.

Live and learn, my friends.

ANYWAY. When I planned this Addicted post, I was feeling extra committed to the blogger life. I was going to talk about how addicted I am to writing these posts. To letting the words fly from my fingertips, articulating fairly worthless thoughts for a few to read in the off chance they could connect with my crazy.

I’m addicted to sharing the bits I’m most proud of via social media. Then I gave up social media for Lent and realized nearly a week later what a bad idea that was in the grand scheme of building a readership. Then I found the magical part of WordPress that allows me to share without ever opening Facebook or Twitter and all is right with the world.

I’m addicted to titling each post, digging through my brain’s musical archive to find the perfect song. The best is hopping on YouTube for a solid video to attach.

(Did you know I do that? It’s true. Check the bottom of each article and you can listen to the song it’s named after.)

And on the days when I do feel like writing, I’m addicted to coming home and cracking open my computer. What’s better is when Drew walks into the room and asks what I’m working on, to which I proudly respond, “Just bloggin’.”

I’m a blogger. And I never thought I’d say that and mean it. Honestly, had I said it two months ago, I probably would’ve punched myself in the face.

So what’s changed?

For one thing, I bought a domain. Yeah. I did it. You’re no longer visiting You’re at

HOW INSANE IS THAT? I am insane.

But it felt justified thanks to you. YOU. Because you’re reading this right now. You’re supporting this project that still doesn’t have a real purpose but is slowly finding its way. You’re proving this isn’t going out into some echo chamber where I’m essentially talking to myself and failing at my initial goal to connect with others.

And depending on who you actually are, you’ve told me how much you enjoy reading what I write. And I can’t tell you how much that means to me. I’m surprised my heart has yet to literally BURST with gratitude.

That’s not to say it won’t. It probably will. But don’t let that stop you from hitting me up with a thumbs up or high five. I love both of those things.

Thank you for taking the time to skim these words. Whether they hit a soft spot or fall flat, you still care enough to click. And that’s more than enough in my book.

If you ever have thoughts or feelings or suggestions (especially for a new Writing Wednesday!), please don’t hesitate to hit me up. I don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon—my brain is still operating at approx. 150 mph—and want to make sure what I write is worth someone else’s while.

Not that I’m looking to change who I am or what I share in an effort to please people. That’s never gonna happen. This blog is me. It’s mine.

Like I said before, a lot of thought goes into planning every post. They’re very much my thoughts. My opinions. My voice.

But who doesn’t enjoy being liked? Is that a whole other addiction in itself? I’m not sure I can handle more than one, to be totally honest.

But I guess it would depend on the number of enablers…


Title Credit: Simple Plan

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