A Woman’s Worth

Yoooooooo. Happy International Women’s Day to all of my strong, smart female friends! I’m better for knowing each and every one of you. Here’s to changing the world one hair flip at a time.


I had a different writing tip planned for today, but when I remembered the significance of this 24-hour timeframe, I had to switch things up.

Especially when it relates directly to the name of this holiday!

International Women’s Day

It’s no secret I have strong feelings about misplaced apostrophes. Can you imagine my disdain for the kind of people who FORGET THEM ALTOGETHER?

Let’s just say “womens” is not a word.

(I wish you could see my screen right now because as soon as I hit space after that horrendous typo, WordPress was like WRONG. NO. THIS IS NOT REAL. PLEASE FIX IMMEDIATELY.)

I wish I could, WordPress. I wish I could.

But too many people get this wrong. And often!

Women is the plural form of woman. Just like men is the plural form of man. The only reason you would add an S to a word that’s already plural is to make it possessive.

And yet you forget the apostrophe?


It’s so pretty! And should be easy to remember, right?

Women or men + S always needs an apostrophe.

If you’re saying either of those words with an S, please just ADD THE THING.

Women’sMen’s. Got it?

But here’s where things get extra tricky: boys and girls.

I work at a company that sells to sports teams. Soccer, basketball, golf, track, lacrosse—even football and volleyball—all played by boys and girls.

We always fall into a tricky situation of “girls soccer,” “girl’s soccer” or “girls’ soccer”?

(If that sentence just broke your brain like it did mine, feel free to pause and collect your thoughts.)

Seriously, all three show up everywhere because it really is one way in one spot and the other way in another but the two situations aren’t the same so it’s just an endless death spiral of improper punctuation.

Deep breaths. Nobody’s dying. You’re fine. Everything’s fine.

Here’s the easiest way to know which form to use:

Replace girls with women. Not permanently! Just to know if the S is for plural, possessive or both.

If you currently have “girls soccer” it would be “women soccer”… nope.

“Girl’s soccer” is actually singular possessive. Rather than women, you’d do “woman’s soccer” and realize “girl’s soccer” is very wrong.

That leaves us with “girls’ soccer”—the soccer belonging to girls. WOMEN. Women’s soccer.

Nine times out of 10 you’re gonna wanna go with “girl’s soccer”.

The same applies to boys and men, but today is not their day/do we even need those examples at this point? I’m thinking no.

So let’s wrap this puppy up with a tribute to the girls. A girls tribute, if you will. A small sampling of the women I adore and look up to on a daily basis.

Obviously missing a few key faces, but it’s not because I don’t love them I just can’t find any good pictures in the bottomless pit that is my camera roll.

Peace, apostrophes and GIRL POWER,

– Alli


Title Credit: Alicia Keys

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