Don’t You Forget About Me

Did you notice we’ve completed two full months of 2017?

We’re 1/6 of the way done with another year.

That’s 17 percent.


  1. Blog at least three times a week.

Not to toot my own horn, but I’ve been pretty consistent with this bad boy. You can claim to be surprised by this, but I assure you nobody is more shocked than me.

Have I learned anything? Definitely not. The steps taken to create and share this post are identical to what I did on January 1. Nothing fancy! No attempts to refine the process or improve my content.

But that’s because I started this for myself. To make sense of my brain and reduce the noise—and it’s worked like a charm.

So thanks for sticking with me.

2. Workout at least three times a week.

I don’t know what my deal is with this number. It’s not even the better half of a week? But it sounds way better than two, and four is just overkill, so here we are.

This one has also gone surprisingly well. It started slow (like, didn’t actually start until the second or third week of January), but noting which days I’ll lift or run or do yoga in advance has made a huge difference.

I’m tellin’ ya, planners are magical.

That said, I need to revamp a few of those workouts. Because if you don’t feel it the next day, what’s the point?

#fitfam brotein #gainz #liftforlife #doyouhatemeyet?

3. Walk the dogs whenever weather permits.

This is becoming one of my favorites. They may be better at pulls than walks, but the resulting exhaustion is worth every dislocated shoulder.

That said, wearing them out wasn’t my original intent. I was feeling like a crappy dog mom. I’d come home from work, feed ’em and force them to cuddle on the couch for the rest of the night.

They’re entirely too energetic for such a cooped-up life! So we’re spending active time together and it’s so fun!

 Related: If anyone has experience with a double leash, please provide your thoughts. I’m officially over the tangling.

4. Schedule project blocks into each workday.

THIS IS SO HARD. Not only do I frequently forget to do it, but even when I remember, I rarely stick to what’s scheduled.

Here’s the issue: My job is gradually consisting of more big projects and fewer little to-dos. With little to-dos, I can go down a checklist and knock things out as time allows.

With big projects, I need big chunks of time! It’s a thing with my brain. (Feel free to judge but know I’ll judge you right back.)

So I’m forcing myself to create those chunks and, in the process, learning I might have ADD. But we’ll save that for another time.

Just know this is still a work in progress.

5. No screens after 9 p.m.

This one was half-baked at best. BUT I am giving up Twitter and Facebook for Lent. So we’ll see if that makes a difference.

6. Finish a book a month.

Stephen Hawking got in my way. And it wasn’t even a long book! Just a poor effort on my part.

But I have no doubt I’ll crush at least 10 more books this year. (Shouts out to my friends and their suggestions on this post. If you have a few faves to contribute, please do.)

So we’re definitely not batting a thousand, but I’m happy with the progress. And who knows, maybe I’ll add a few more as the year goes on. I have missed the piano dearly…

I could also get ideas from you. Let me know what resolutions you’ve loved, old and new. Maybe we can re-tackle a few together.


Title Credit: Simple Minds

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