How’s It Going to Be

We’re barely a month into the new year and I’m already overwhelmed by everything we have planned.

It’s a great problem to have.

I’ve always enjoyed traveling. And I’m not saying that in a “this is what makes me special” way—I cannot overstate how much I hate when people do that.

Tell me something interesting about yourself! I SERIOUSLY LOVE TO TRAVEL.

Because everyone else prefers to stay in one place? What?

Enjoying travel does not set you apart from the rest of the world. Saying you were born on a Tuesday would be just as interesting.

Unless that Tuesday was also the day Beyoncé was born. Then you should tell everyone.


Back to my original point: I enjoy traveling in the sense that visiting new places gives me life, but hate the actual act of traveling.

Road trips are okay in moderation, but flying is terrible. And I get super seasick, so going anywhere by boat is pretty much a no.

That said, we have a lot of the first two to knock out this year.

  • First up is a drive to St. Louis to visit Cait and Connor for Mardi Gras. The only way I’ve ever “celebrated” Fat Tuesday is by stuffing my face with whatever I decided to give up for Lent, but I hear Nelly’s hometown throws a pretty sweet party the weekend before.
    Even if it doesn’t, Cait and I are practically the same person—only she’s way more creative and can actually cook—so havoc will be wreaked.
  • Sometime this spring I’m hitting the road to St. Paul to check on Falco and her wiener dog, Motzi. And *Matt, I guess.
    Honestly, I just want to make sure Falco is keeping up with her rom com obsession and Motzi still only eats when nobody is looking.
    They form an incredible duo, let me tell you.
  • The plan is to hit up Europe in May.
    If anyone has brilliant tips to not spending a fortune on airfare, please contact me immediately.
    I mentioned this trip about a month ago
     and am happy to report we’ve made zero progress since then. All I know is I want a week in Italy and just a few days in Greece, with 3-4 days of pure relaxation to cap things off. Whether that isolation takes place on the Amalfi Coast, Santorini or somewhere else, I do not care. We’ll just need to unwind after being full-blown tourists for 10 days.
    Again, let me know what you know.
  • Closing down travel for the first half of the year (and our final trip so far) is the trek to Flathead Lake, Montana.
    And make it a point to swing through Glacier National Park.

    No visit to Glacier is complete without a hike. Try Hidden Lake.

    I could write thousands upon thousands of words about Montana/Flathead/Glacier. But I’ll save it for this summer, when my memory will be euphorically refreshed.
    Until then, just look at that picture.

And yeah, I realize this turned out to be a pretty skimpy summary of what’s to come, but promise you’ll get plenty of details after each one actually happens.

I think I just typed it all up for my own sanity.

(There are also a few other trips that have been discussed, but with no timeline—so I wouldn’t know where to list them. That’s just one of my things.)

But hey! If you have a big trip of your own in the works, tell me all about it below.


Title Credit: Third Eye Blind


*Matt is Falco’s husband, but he doesn’t need to be checked on. (At least I don’t think he does?)

It’s also worth noting that Falco isn’t really “Falco” since she got married two years ago, but old habits die hard/I’m never calling her anything else.

3 thoughts on “How’s It Going to Be

  1. Flathead Lake is the best. It’s been years and years (over 35 to be exact) but we spent two weeks of two summers in a lodge on the shores of Flathead Lake in Polson, MT. Unbelievable beauty in that part of the world and I say world because Flathead Lake, Glacier National Park, and Montana, in general, should be considered global destinations, not just for Americans and Canadians. Also enroute from Nebraska are the Grand Tetons and Jackson Hole where a dentist left her ranch and came to town to treat my wife’s dry socket on a Sunday. And where our car broke down on both trips (two different cars and one was brand new). Also Yellowstone and our ever elusive search for bears. The memories, both the excellent and not as good, have lasted nearly a lifetime and will continue as long as I continue my travels on my own Going to the Sun Road.

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    1. Sounds like you were meant to spend that time in Jackson Hole! That’s still on my list, as are the Tetons. And I couldn’t agree more on that whole area being a global destination. But it helps that it’s still somewhat under the radar—keeps things quiet. 🙂


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