I consider getting rid of Facebook at least three times a week.

It is an absolute dumpster fire of political rants, pyramid schemes and pregnancy/engagement/relocation announcements.

There are so many of the latter, I often have to text a friend to ask, “Is So-and-So engaged or am I making that up? Did my brain misplace them in another person’s status again?”

The answer is usually yes.

With that in mind, I have a favor to ask.

I touched briefly on my anxiety a few weeks ago. And the crazier our world becomes, the more I wonder if social media could be a cause.

It doesn’t matter if I spend 30 seconds or 30 minutes checking a channel – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, even Snapchat – I always come out an emotional wreck.

In a span of five posts, I’ll feel rage, elation and sadness. WITHOUT FAIL.

Which brings me to the favor.

The next time you sit down to post on your channel of choice, ask yourself the following:

  1. Why am I posting this?
  2. Is it meant to accomplish something?
  3. Will it accomplish that thing?
  4. Would that accomplishment benefit others in any way?

If your answer to No. 1 is because I want to, do not post. If it’s anything else, proceed to No. 2.

If the answer to No. 2 is yes, head to Question 3.

Actually, don’t bother answering No. 3 if your answer to No. 4 is no.

Which happens to be the case with most political posts.

We get it. Our country is in the middle of a swift downward spiral.

Acting like a holier than thou know-it-all absolutely does not help.

Neither does sharing another article speculating on the demise of Western society.

If your goal is to educate others, share a link to whatever piece of literature you found enlightening and expand on what made it so.

That additional context as to why something is or isn’t worth another person’s time makes all the difference.

And please for the love of Pete LINK FROM LEGITIMATE SOURCES.

If you’re gonna put in my newsfeed, you’re getting the quickest unfriending of all time.

Same goes for Or whatever.

You’re better than that. We’re all better than that!

And while you’re at it, don’t just settle for legitimate. Shoot for unbiased.

You’ll never learn anything if you only listen to people who think the exact same way as you.

C-SPAN, Reuters, Associated Press and The Independent are all great places to start. As are most local papers!

But let’s be real. I probably won’t get rid of Facebook entirely. I need somewhere to share these articles.

Maybe I’ll just post the links and avoid my newsfeed altogether.

Orrr I’ll continue checking my newsfeed and comment on every terrible post with meticulous edits to spelling and grammar.

Because for some reason, all of the terrible posts are riddled with typos.

I’m not saying there’s a correlation. Just that there definitely could be.


Title Credit: Taking Back Sunday

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