You’re Beautiful


I might be in love with my planner. I dunno. You tell me.

Is it love if I can’t go a single day without at least glancing inside? And the idea of not knowing its whereabouts sends a chill down my spine?

Is it love if I drop whatever I’m doing just to pick up a pen and jot down a new item – maybe a to-do that’s already done? Or dinner plans I meant to make with someone but have yet to actually confirm?

Is it love if every other note in my life is total chicken scratch while each appointment, reminder and birthday is written so neatly, I may as well submit it for a grade?

Is it love if I’d sooner stay up past my bedtime to write a blog than cross out the title on its intended date and hope to publish the next day, because *scribbles are a sign of disorganization and not welcome on the crisp, clean pages of my brand new Erin Condren?

It might be.


*scribbles ≠ crossing something out

But I’m not ashamed.

Ask any other Type A human and I’m likely not alone in this obsession.

The thing is, I forget a lot of things.

When a bill might be due. Which weeks they pick up recycling. The last time I vacuumed. My best friend’s birthday until two days before said birthday when it’s too late to stick something in the mail without making it obvious you forgot until two days before.

It’s not that I never think of those things. It’s that I think of each one at a time when I can’t do anything about it!

Enter: The Planner

I pick a day, week or month when action must be taken, jot down the quickest of reminders and voilá! Forget-you-not.

But don’t you dare call it a calendar.

It’s more than just dates on a page where I remind myself to do everything short of breathing.

It’s where any piece of my life with even an ounce of purpose is documented for future reference, be that reference in an effort to remember, reflect or reaffirm.

I blame the assignment notebooks we were given in grade school.

You can’t set the expectation that a child write down every instruction from a teacher every day of the academic year and act surprised when they grow up to be a total to-do junkie.

The compulsive need to assign myself tasks primarily for the satisfaction of crossing them off is nothing but a product of my upbringing.

This obsession, on the other hand, it all Target’s fault.

Target. With its spread of well-designed planners on display 365 days a year, because anytime is a good time to start fresh!

Target. With its gel pens, colored stickies and cutesy stickers conveniently located just one aisle over.

Target. And the illusion that you’re never spending that much money until…


But we’ll save that for another day.

POINT BEING, my first planner not provided by a school was purchased from Target. That tradition continued for a few years, thereby forming a habit.

Then someone mentioned Erin Condren and the fact that she was a Delta Gamma and had created a special edition Delta Gamma planner for 2016 and omg our mission was on the cover so obviously I had to get it.

But the Erin Condren planner was very different from any of its Target predecessors.

The Erin Condren planner had dozens of pages left blank for actual notes. Columns along each monthly view for even more reminders. A box at the front end of every week where you could write a thankful thought!


I was hooked. I filled it with stickers and stickies and made sure every event, planned or not, was inscribed on the exact day it took place.

And that brings us to today. This moment. Carefully denoted by AP: You’re Beautiful on the very last line of Thursday, January 19.

In my second of what’s sure to be many Erin Condren brand planners.


Title Credit: James Blunt

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