Take a Chance on Me

Another Writing Wednesday, hooray!

Further fueled by the passionate fight to end all misuse of myself, I’m dedicating this week to your correct alternatives: me and I.

“If you have any questions, please find Bob or myself.”

Does this happen because people don’t know whether they should use I or me? Thus panicking and resorting to myself in the hopes it could rightly replace either?

Panic no more, my friends. There’s a very simple guideline to knowing which pronoun applies!

If the other pronoun is/would be he, she or they (subjects), use I.

If the other pronoun is/would be him, her or them (objects), use me.

An even simpler trick is to remove the other people altogether. You should know which is right purely based on sound!

Now comes the part people tend to overthink: Which comes first?

She and I? Me and him? Me and you?

“Me first” is a rude way to go through life – and the same applies in writing. Politeness dictates you’re always last, regardless of which pronoun is being used (or me).

BUT! I do believe some rules were meant to be broken and having me last is one of them.

It just sounds so strange.

“He gave the keys to Bobby and me.”

That’s weird, right? Like, as weird as putting first.

“I and Jack went to the store.”


  • should always be last. 
  • Me can be either, just go by sound.
  • *You should always be first.

Don’t agree with any of the above? Still not sure what to use when? Hit me. I love grammatical discourse.

And be sure to let me know what writing questions you have! We’re only three Wednesdays deep with plenty of word love left to share.


Title Credit: Abba


*Apparently Strunk and White stand by the phrase “between me and you” and their book is basically writing law, so keep that nugget in mind.

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