I’m Lost Without You

We all knew this day would come – we’ve been dreading it for the past five months. And it’s not like this is the first time we’ve been subjected to such a crushing blow, nor will it be the last, but that doesn’t make the reality any easier.

This is our first college football-free weekend since early August. And it’s terrible.

I don’t know about you, but I believe I was put on this earth to work hard, love unconditionally and watch college football.

Basically, my greatest purpose in life no longer exists. At least not for the next eight months.

Part of the problem is how the season ended. Not terribly, mind you. (How can you not love an Alabama loss? Especially at the hands of a kid like Deshaun?) But in a way none of us truly deserved.

It was incredible. Close from start to finish, with a healthy mix of passing and ground game, and defensive efforts I’d love for my favorite team to emulate.

It left us wanting more. Hanging by the thinnest of threads at a high unlike any other this season – at least for us Nebraska fans. Which made waking up this morning even harder.

My day didn’t have a focal point featuring two teams I may not love but cared to watch anyway because college football is the best, dammit!

So, if you’re anything like me, the next 90 days (#blessed by spring games) could be a struggle.

Or they could be the perfect opportunity to once again act as a productive member of society. Not sure where to start? *Here’s how I spent my day:

  • Taking down Christmas decorations. I refuse to be judged for this one. Between the tree, the lights and swapping out fall decor for winter trinkets, this holiday’s setup takes for-e-ver. Best believe I’mma take my time tearing it all down.
  • Cleaning the whole house. When you take down a fake tree, fake pine needles get everywhere, so you vacuum. Then it’s kind of weird having a clean carpet with a grimy wood floor, so you scrub that. Then you remember dog hair has a way of finding every flat surface in your home, so dusting becomes a must and holy smokes, there go four hours of your life!
  • Working outNobody’s more excited about the end of another season than my resolutions. And yes, I did just personify a laundry list of abstract goals. I actually personify a lot of things. It is very weird.
  • Grocery shopping. The thing about not grocery shopping for 20 straight Saturdays is you forget how terrible shopping on a Saturday really is. I’ll be sure to expand on this at a later date.
  • Cooking dinner. Drew is actually the culinary wiz of our household, but with all this free time, I’m all about brushing up on a few of our favorite recipes – if for no other reason than the ease afforded by leftovers later in the week.

All in all, it’s been a pretty okay day! I still miss the background noise of elated fans and announcers who may or may not know what they’re talking about, but keeping busy saved me from the depression I had previously considered inevitable.

The only thing left to do is inhale this cheesesteak pizza.


Title Credit: blink-182


*I KNOW. I said I would never just talk about how I spent my day. But this was more therapeutic than self-indulgent and your support is greatly appreciated.

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