Ready or Not

What gets me by.

If you know me, this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

If you don’t know me, welcome! I’m Alli Pane, lover of words, rockin’ out and eating just about anything.

Forgive my excessive tardiness in joining the blogging world, but I’ve spent the better half of the last decade debating what I’d even write about.

To be honest, I’m still not totally sure, but I have a better grip on what I want to accomplish, so here we are.

For starters, I’ll tell you what this blog is not: It’s not a hub for upcoming fashion trends, makeup tips, fancy hair tutorials, political insight or general life advice. I rely too heavily on other people for all of the above.

It’s also not a place for me to talk about my day or what I feel about a given topic. I don’t really think anyone cares about those things. (Granted, I’ve definitely fallen into the habit of sharing those things before and apologize to anyone victimized in the process.)

What it is is a sanity check. There will be a number of occasions on which I ramble like a mad woman in the hopes that at least one other person can relate to my crazy. Because what good is another person’s blog if you can’t nod along or scream “YASSS” at least once?

It’s an outlet for me to better articulate the millions of ideas going through my head at any given second. But don’t worry! That doesn’t mean I plan on posting 20 times a day, dedicating a new post to every random thought I have. Instead, my goal (read: resolution) is a minimum of three posts per week.

What does that mean for you? If you know me, please don’t hesitate to text me, tweet me or send me a snapchat asking why the heck I haven’t posted in four days.

If you don’t know me, use the Contact page to introduce yourself and remind me to be a grownup.

That said, I’m really excited to give this a shot. Even if it turns into a flaming pile of garbage people would gladly pay to not read, at least we’re trying.


Title credit: The Fugees

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